I’m looking to put together my first Shuttle. I have a budget of around £500 but don’t really want to go above it. So if you’re able and have some time I would appreciate any help offered.

Main use will be for watching tv/movies and general internet stuff. With that in mind I’m looking for a decent tv card for this, preferably with remote and freeview. Happy to go with onboard graphics as I don’t play any games or watch many HD films etc.

Only other spacifics to include, will want:

Samsung spinpoint F1 750gb SATA
to go with current 160gb IDE spinpoint

2gb RAM

Has to be as quiet as possible and cool as I constantly worry about loosing date from a blown HD.

Main thing i want help with is choosing the right case.. bit out of my area and too overwhelmed by so many options.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.