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Thread: Microsoft Wireless Reciever problems.

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    Microsoft Wireless Reciever problems.

    Anyone got problems with the MS reciever for wireless keyboard/mouse, when it loses connectivity to the devices after unplugging it from the usb port (or turning off all power) and you can't get the devices re-registered at all? Right now whenever the thing is powered down the only way i can get the regular mouse/keyboard working again is to use a seperate ms wireless device, register it with the reciever, then re-register the original keyboard/mouse. Can't figure out if it's an MS problem or mobo problem, but i don't think it's software based as it's doing this from post.

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    Re: Microsoft Wireless Reciever problems.

    check the usb properties in device manager, normally the usb hub has power managment settings that turn the ports off to save power.

    it causes all sorts of device issues, it may be your answer.

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