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Thread: Distance selling-e-buyer

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    Distance selling-e-buyer

    Has anyone returned good under distance selling for ebuyer?
    Do you have to pay the postage for return?
    Is it true the goods cannot be opened or used, how fussy are they about this?

    It says as new which gives the idea you cna use it for a few hours, no scratches etc.

    Any personal experiences appreciated

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    Re: Distance selling-e-buyer

    You will have to pay return postage and you will only be refunded the cost of the item, not the postage.
    If its software and you've bust the seal then you cant return it, anything else so long as it's not damaged/broken/mangled and "as new" (and that includes the packaging) you should be ok.

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    Re: Distance selling-e-buyer

    You're allowed to open an item carefully, as the point of the DSR regulations is that consumers can check an item and if they find it's not quite what they expected, they can return it.

    However the retailer has to be able to resell the item as new, so they expect the packaing to be in a good condition.

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