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Thread: Recommend me a mouse mat for my G9

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    Recommend me a mouse mat for my G9

    I'd really like to go and buy an Icemat 2, but I see that there were known issues with the G7 and this mat so I called Scan's tech support line who weren't 100% certain either way. I then called Logitech's helpline who were under the impression that the G9 was cordless, and then told me that they had no information regards compatibility. So.....

    ...anyone out there got a G9 who can recommend a decent mousing surface? My desk is starting to wear away a little where the mouse sits, and it's far from ideal.

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    Re: Recommend me a mouse mat for my G9

    I know people using the Icemat with that mouse and apparently it's brilliant.

    I'm using an MX518 with the Icemat, works like a dream.

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    Re: Recommend me a mouse mat for my G9

    I'm using a steelseries 5L and although it's pricey, it's amazing with my G5.

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