Hello there folks, this time I need some help with my hard disk. I simply do not know what is wrong with it! But ill tell you guys the symptoms perhaps someone can tell me the disease and its cure

This could take a while now, you can see my setup from my signature, the hard disk in question is a seagate 160GB ST3160211AS, its a SATA drive. Previously i had an intel 965 board, no issue what so ever. Recently I changed to an ASUS board for overclocking.

Noticed nothing in the start, overclocking going good, from 1.86 to 2.2 and finally to 3.0, then I pushed up to 3.2, when the PC booted up I heard clicking noises, click click, and the PC would take forever to go past the BIOS post screen. Then the Windows Logo page would take forever to finish loading windows.

I switched the PC off, re connected all wiring, switched back on, PC started up fine, but windows loadup page still took like 19 seconds. I then used Acronis to clean the partition C, and then used a backup image to restore windows. All good, working fine.

Sometimes, just out of the blue, I would start hearing the click click sound and windows would hang. I had to switch off the power, after a while, switch back on, works fine again.

I tried using a new SATA cable, A new SATA power cable. Still, after a few days, I heard click click.

Last night I was playing gears of war, I minimized it and opened up another program, when I switched back to gears of war, I heard click click, then I minimzed it again, fine, then again switched back, I would hear click click.

Finally today, i was using the PC when I had a power outage, when I later turned on the PC, I saw the BSOD, switched off, then back on, windows loadup page would again take forever and Bios post screen would take forever to get over with it as well

I unplugged the hard disk, the system would get over with everything normally with the other HDD i have, as soon as I plugged this HDD in, again, everything slowing down, one time i heard regular beeps coming, faint, ping ping ping kind of.

I changed SATA ports along with the cable, still had a problem, finally I went back to using the old cables and the 1st SATA port, booted up, all fine, and now im here posting

If its any help, I switched off all overclocking options, changed both SATA and power cables, used another HDD, none of these things had any affect, the Hard disk in question seems to do it randomly.

I know this has been long, and im sorry, hope somebody can take out the time to help me out here, I have not the faintist idea of what is wrong. Its a fairly new HDD, Ive checked it for errors with windows chkdsk, all good.

Thank you so very much in advance.