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Thread: Q6600 vs E8500 - which is better for Audio Processions & Music Production?

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    Q6600 vs E8500 - which is better for Audio Processions & Music Production?

    I got an email to say that my order for the Q6600 would be delayed by a week. So i got wondering once i read about the E8500 whether that would be better for music production applications and video editing applications since it has a higher clock speed.

    The system the CPU will be going on will feature the Asus P5B, 4x2GB 800mhz RAM and 8600GT if that's of any help.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated

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    Re: Q6600 vs E8500 - which is better for Audio Processions & Music Production?

    Depends on the application you are running. SSE 4.1 adds helps the E8## series where it's supported, but I seem to remember from a few benchmark that a quad-core remain faster at certain video encoding by a margin that is wide enough that I doubt the extra clockspeed + SSE 4.1 will be able to make up. I am less sure about music production though. I think you may want to read the features/details of your music production application to see whether it support multi-cores and maybe even go to the relevant forum to ask whether quad-core is well supported by the specific application (no simple answer I am afraid - it's very application specific).

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