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Thread: Tv Card Advice

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    Tv Card Advice

    Found too cheapo Tv cards and found ok reviews on both

    Computer hardware and software at amazing prices, available online from Scan Computers UK
    Hauppauge WinTV-Express TV Tuner PCI card + SoftPVR /TV + txt + capture C-Video - Ebuyer

    At mo leadtek one seems better.
    Btw this is really only going to be used as a recording card, maybe watching tv a little but mainly recording to pc.

    Any other recommendations would be welcomed but i am on a budget

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    Re: Tv Card Advice

    Those are two different types of cards. One is a DVB-T card that can receive and record Freeview from a suitable aerial, whilst the other is an analogue card that needs a source to record from.
    If the only things you want to watch and record are on Freeview, then the Leadtek is fine.
    If, however, you want to record from other sources, e.g. set-top boxes (Sky, Virgin etc.) then you'll need an analogue card like the Hauppauge you linked to.
    If you have a fairly fast processor then any good analogue card will be fine. If you're you're using a low-end machine or you're running a lot of stuff then you may be better off with a hardware encoding capable card (Hauppauge 150/250/350 for example) that off-loads the processing needed to record the analogue signal from the CPU to the card itself.

    In general, Hauppauge are a good brand name to go with if you're not sure.

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    Re: Tv Card Advice

    well it need so to be a freeview receiever and recorder so i can watch tv on pc and record it so can both do that?

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    Re: Tv Card Advice

    I have the Nova T 500 thats quite a good card check it out. You can record two programmes at once. As it is dual DVB-T receiver.

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    Re: Tv Card Advice

    I got on well with the Hauppauge 1300 - which had a hardware decoder.

    It also performed much better under Linux with MythTV rather than the supplied Windows utilities. - where it was maxed out on a 2600 AMD.

    I would want a very fast CPU as amdavies says especially with a software based encoder.

    Leadtek I have not tried

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