I need help choosing what to order. If someone could give me a list of what to get that would be great. Others can comment on it too. I have $1700 saved up to spend! I need to get a monitor, mouse, keyboard and of course the rig! (including shipping, so just estimate the value of this and then use the money i have left)

Basically this is my gaming computer. I will not be over clocking, never have so idk how hard it is or if it is price/time worthy. (I do know what it is tho, just never looked into it) I have a IBM 32 Mb graphics, 256 mb ram (Upgraded HAHAH. Can wait to get a sweet rig, the difference will be insane. I will be doing my school work on this computer too, but i'm buying it to play games.

-I also would like it to accommodate the Razer Barracuda HP-1 (do not include these headphones in the price) unless you guys suggest something else...

-Don't need speakers

-XP or Vista?

-I play America's Army a lot so it runs off the hard drive so I was looking at a 10,000 RPM one would be the best.

Thanks in advance.