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Thread: Help with NF7-S Version 2

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    • EtheAv8r's system
      • Motherboard:
      • ASUS Maximus V Gene
      • CPU:
      • i5 3570K @ 4500 Mhz
      • Memory:
      • 16Gb
      • Storage:
      • 2 x Samsung EVO 850 SSD; 1 x Samsung 2TB HD
      • Graphics card(s):
      • nVidia GeForce GTX 970
      • PSU:
      • Seasonic S-12 650 Energy+
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    Question Help with NF7-S Version 2

    Well I took all the good advice received from my previous posts plus some other stuff I gleaned as a result of ‘searching’ previous posts, and I have now got the system as detailed below, and very pleased I am with it too as a first PC build project……. Apart from a couple of points. One is probably silly/naive, that is the Antec Sonata claim to “Hear the Silence”… well if this is silence I would hate to have a noisy case!!!

    ABIT NF7-S Version 2 BIOS 22
    AMD 2800+ with CoolerMaster Aero 7+
    1Gb RAM (Corsair TwinX 1024 3200LLPT)
    Connect3D Radion 9800 Pro 128
    Samsung 616 QB DVD/CD ROM (Region free)
    Plextor Black PX708A DVD+-RW/CDRW
    Sony Black Floppy Drive
    Hitachi DeskStar 7K250 SATA 160GB Hard drive
    Maxtor EIDE 20Gb Hard drive (via converter to SATA port)
    Antec Sonata Case & PSU
    Microsoft Wireless Keyboard/Optical Wireless Mouse
    Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454 19" CRT Monitor

    Issue 1 - I have a 160gb SATA C: drive, and a 20Gb Maxtor IDE D: drive connected to the second SATA port with the IDE/SATA converter that came with the Abit motherboard. I use the 20Gb drive for the System Pagefile and to download and store software and updates and to backup stuff. I appear to be experiencing some sort of data corruption – not always but very often – when I copy/move stuff from C: drive to D: drive and vice versa and from my searches of other postings I am not alone… Is this an nVidia Chipset issue? Can anyone offer a solution? Seems pretty silly to offer two (or 4 with some other boards) SATA ports if you cannot reliably move data around them?

    Issue 2 – I find the max volume when playing CDs or DVDs very low – watching DVDs is almost impossible as the max volume is so low… The volume slider in the nVidia Sound Control panel for CD does nothing, the volume is controlled by the Wave slider..So I noticed that there is an analogue CD input connector on the Motherboard, so thought Ha that is what is required, and purchased a 4 pin Audio cable and connected the CD/DVD ROM to it… and absolutely ziltch…. No difference, no change in max volume, still nothing from the CD slider, still controlled by the Wave slider what is Wave??). What an I doing wrong please???

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    Issue 1: have you tried using the 20GB on the IDE controller to see if it works better then?

    Issue 2: What speakers are you using? Have you checked all the options, i.e. all the sliders, the equaliser, and the individual speaker volumes?

    Just the first thoughts that come into my head...

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    You have a similar setup to mine, especially with the HDDs, I definately reccomend putting the IDE drive onto the IDE Bus for starters, see if that helps (I worry about these converters), works fine for me, as for the sound issues im not sure, I would simply check the cable from device to the motherboard is correctly inserted, my DVD rom has a couple of outputs on it, does it do the same thing if you connect your other CD?DVD Rom device instead? at least you can rule out the DVD Rom as the problem if so..
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      • Memory:
      • 16 GB Corsair Vengeance 3200 LPX
      • Storage:
      • 250GB 960 EVO + a few more drives
      • Graphics card(s):
      • 6GB Palit GTX 1060 Dual
      • PSU:
      • Antec Truepower 750W Modular Blue
      • Case:
      • Corsair 600T White Edition
      • Operating System:
      • Windows 10 PRO
      • Monitor(s):
      • 27" Asus MX279H & 24" Acer 3D GD245HQ + the 3D glasses
      • Internet:
      • Virgin Media
    Regarding Issue number 1 - There is an issue with some maxtor HDD's and the serial ATA adaptor that came with the Abit motherboards. This has been rectified in using either the 2nd revision of the Adaptor and also the Asus one works well

    As for the 2nd Problem - I haven't got the foggiest idea, I too have 4 Abit NF7-S boards and all the audio is uber loud with no crackles, hiss or distortion

    Hope this information Helps


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