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Thread: Need 100% Vista Compatible & Ready Wireless Network Adapter

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    Need 100% Vista Compatible & Ready Wireless Network Adapter

    Bought a Netgear WG311 or something today, complete waste of time. Worked once on Vista really well with 100% signal, really got my hopes up... restarted PC and the software corrupted heavily. Tried everything under the sun, about 4 versions and loads of different settings with no success again.

    I require a Wireless USB Network adapter that WORKS 100% with Vista, no messing about - either 100% plug and play or 100% vista ready/compatible drivers and support.

    I don't mind how much I have to pay, £15, £20, £30... I can't seem to find any good network adapters that fit this need at all apart from this "Edimax" one, but I am unsure after the let down today and the price.

    Does anyone have any recommendations of a USB wireless network adapter that works 100% in Vista (Home Premium 32bit) with no frustrations, and 100% signal? No overheating, just works.. no frills, no awful heavy software etc..


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    Re: Need 100% Vista Compatible & Ready Wireless Network Adapter

    I have a D-Link DWL-G122 (rev c), brougly purley because I wanted to get wifi on leopards osx86 on my pc (i failed at this, and got bored of leo after a while), but it works brilliantly in xp, vista, xp mce, and server 2003. The only OS ive had issuses with is server 2008, no idea why.

    Overall im prety happy with this device and would reccomend it (Its USB, so easily removable, hence why i didnt want a PCI card)

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