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Thread: 64-bit wireless for Vista - please help!

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    64-bit wireless for Vista - please help!


    I'm sure having this question answered will help many people so please reply...

    At the minute i'm running XP x64 with a WG311T PCI wireless adapter, and it works fine with the atheros drivers. However, i want to go to Vista 64 and install a digital TV card...since i'm using a shuttle i don't have space and therefore need a wireless USB adapter.

    Does anyone know of any 64-bit compatible USB wireless adapters, preferably that go up to 108 mbps? Any help would be much appreciated....

    Thank you, Tim

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    I think you're gonna be out of luck here. There is virtually no support for a lot of hardware under XP x64, including wireless drivers. From the quick hunt I did, you might be lucky with Linksys USB adaptors using the Ralink chip, as Ralink have x64 drivers, but it'll be a hit and miss affair.

    As for Vista drivers, no idea, but there should be support from a lot of people now the corp. editions have launched.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!!

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