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Thread: trouble overclocking my sn41g2

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    trouble overclocking my sn41g2


    im havin abit of a nightmare with my sn41g2 and overclocking with it,i have an xp2500 (good 1 from cpu city,but not sure of code just know its a clocker) and 2x512mb twinmos 3200 and even at 182fsb (2.01ghz) its failing and sometimes even freezing/lockup in 3dmark 2001se and sisoft sandra within 2 minutes of starting.

    memory timing are on turbo with 6-2-2-2.5 settings and running in sync,cant remember which bios i have but i know i updated it around 6 months back to enable me to overclock from time to time when i feel the need to,,im not an avid overclocker im usually happy at stock speeds but im trying to break the 15000 mark barrier in 3dmar 2001 becouse strangely at stock speeds (obviuosly no af/aa) im only scoring 14250 with a saphire 9800pro,im absolutely shure im being held back by the cpu becouse even just clocking it to 2.01ghz from its stock 1.87 im seeing quite a large increase in my fps.

    this is realy only the second time ive tried overclocking (the first being when i bought the cpu/ram and updated bios) so im not as experienced as most you guys at this,can you please reccomend anything or spot anything ive done wrong as i cant, however i do suspect my memory timings are pretty extreme.

    thnx in advance.

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    The problem with the SN is theres no voltage adjustments, and becasuse of the OSU being low power, and running a lot of stuff on it, your gonna struggle to get any sot of overclock.its the only let down of the other wise King of the SFF industry. run your memory in sync with your cpu, that _might_ help you squeeze a few more mhz out.

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    and make sure the PCI and chipset buses are LOCKED (assuming the shuttle has that option, it ought to do so somewhere)

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