i've seen the icy box dual sata enclosure, but i was wondering if there were any reasonably priced similar items for IDE/PATA drives. i've seen NAS units but you are paying a fair bit for the NAS privelidge which i don't need. i'd like to replace 3x320gig drives with a 1TB or 1.5TB SATA internally, and use the old drives externally as backup, but rather than have 2 or 3 caddies with seperate power supplies i was wondering if there was a better option. paying £70 for a NAS unit is pointless seeing as a 1TB external drive can be had for sub £100, i'd be better off getting 2x1TB drives and not using the old drives at all. the SATA icy box was about £26 from scan, which is reasonable considering a single caddy is about £15, but 3 caddies at 15 is about half the price of a 1TB internal drive

there is the option of using the hot swap IDE caddies that are just out, but i'm not sure how safe they would be and i've not seen any in the uk yet