The other day i did a massive hardware refit on my pc, changed just about everything except my hard drive. new motherboard, new psu, new ram, new graphics card and a new processor.

my specs as of today are something like:
Gigabyte Technology S Series GA-965GM-S2 motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.40GHz L2 Cache 800MHz FSB processor
nVidia GeForce 7900 GTX
470w PSU
and 2GB of DDR2 RAM

the original part of my pc is a Seagate IDE harddrive

when i upgraded my machine i installed everything correctly and re-installed windows to make my pc accept the changes and all of that worked well. well.. kinda, first i used a downloaded copy of xp pro which had 2 missing files, so then i borrowed a copy of xp from my friend because i can't find my copy. but this copy was for a dell computer, it installed propperly tho, no missing files or glitches.

now, i have everything inside my computer, including a Netgear wireless receiver card. i already have the drivers for this card, they worked perfectly before i upgraded my computer but now every time i try to install the drivers for it. everything runs properly until it asks me if i want to continue with the installation because it isn't a registered product. i click yes, as always and then my pc freezes up completely, i've tried everything i can think of to solve this problem.. it installs everything properly for these drivers when i'm useing xp in safe mode, but as soon as i go back to normal windows setup it freezes..

is this a hardware clash? and how can i solve the problem?

sorry about the long post, but i just wanted to get all the info across that i know of.

cheers for any help.