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Thread: New CD ROM on clean build PC

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    New CD ROM on clean build PC

    Hi all,

    I am going to build my first PC tomorrow and wanted a little help as I can see some disasters coming up.

    I'm gonna put Win 98 on a new HD and then upgrade it to XP Pro (I have access to a free disc hence the pain of upgrading)

    Anyway I don't have any 98 startup discs and while I can make a MS-DOS boot disk my new IDE CD-ROM won't be picked up as a drive will it ?

    From memory I know mscdex.exe is something to do with it?
    Should I get the CD-ROM drivers on a floppy and load them to the new formatted HD ?

    Little help please, once I get the CD-ROM up and running I'll be laughing all the way to XP pro


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    The IDE CD-ROM should be picked up straight away on modern motherboards, just change the boot order in the BIOS.
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