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Thread: How to work out the required MCH voltage

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    How to work out the required MCH voltage


    I've had problems with my memory recently (as you can tell from the barrage of threads I've made!), and they would slowly get worse. I was trying to run my memory as close as possible to 1066 (rated speed), and at as low voltages as possible.

    In the end, I got my system running with at 960MHz, 5-5-5-15 (despite trying CAS 4), 400MHz FSB and x8 CPU multiplier (3.2GHz). The vcore, RAM and other voltages were fine, the only thing I was worrying about was the MCH voltage. I managed to get the system stable at 1.25 v MCH, which is the default (despite running 4 sticks). However, I started getting problems, with the system getting more and more unstable. Eventually, the system would not boot (without using safe mode) when using any overclocked settings (nothing above 800MHz on the RAM would work, or anything above 2.4GHz on the CPU).

    After a while on running at default speeds (maybe 4-5 days), I've tried again to make the system work at my desired settings, this time using 1.44V MCH. This has worked, and my system is stable using exactly the same performance settings. However, I'm convinced my MCH had suffered degenerative problems due to the lack of voltage (see this thread on corsair forums: ). How can I work out exactly which voltage the MCH requires, considering the fact that it runs stable (for now) at any voltage anyway?
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    Re: How to work out the required MCH voltage

    It's clear that one of your main compnents is not working as it should. If you bought all (PSU, mobo & RAM) from one outfit then RMA everything and let them sort it. Otherwise you have to find some way to swap components and work out which is playing up. That may mean spending some money if you don't have access to an altewrnative - but you could get a lot of that back from ebay.

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