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Thread: New heatsink or Arctic silver 5

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    New heatsink or Arctic silver 5

    Im currently running my cpu at 3.3ghz with the coolermaster Fujiyama IHC-L71 heatsink. Im getting quite high temps with idle being about 42c and load being about 62c. What I want to know is will using some Artic Silver 5 bring down cpu temps that much, or do I need to buy a new heatsink-fan, if so what do you lot recommend?

    Many thanks Ellis

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    Im not familiar with the Fujiyama HSF. However i would say that it sounds like you need another one. What artic silver/if any are you using now?

    Maybe you should try with a different fan as well? As the temperature increase is the heatsink not be able to handle the amount of heat. If your computer is stable some say there really is no need to change HSF no matter what the temperatures.

    Also, what is your system temperature?

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    Your temps sounds about right after reading up a couple of the reviews on the 'net. Remember, it only uses a 70mm fan spinning at 2500RPMs. You will get better performance out of it by getting a faster spinning fan, but obviously, you'll get the added noise as well.

    I think AS5 will help, simply because of personally seeing a 5C drop in load temps with my rig.
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