I've just bought a new system consisting of NF7-S V2.0 and Barton XP2500+ which I want to overclock to XP3200+ levels. I'm new to overclocking and need some advice. I've downloaded a few overclocking tools to help me out; wcpuid, motherboard monitor, prime95 and SiSoft Sandra. Are there any other tools that i need or would help me, if so where would I find them?
I'm following an online guide to overclocking the NF7-S V2.0 and it mentions that the best bios versions for the old style, (plastic cpu fixing arm), version of the NF7-S V2.0, are D_10.bin and D_14beta. Are these still the best versions for the new style NF7-S V2.0, (metal cpu fixing arm), or are other versions of the bios better for this board?
Any help on the 2 issues above greatly appreciated...
Many Thanks!!