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Thread: CPU Upgrade on a Budget

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    CPU Upgrade on a Budget

    Hi All

    Need alittle advice, looking to buy a new P4 cpu. Descided the old 2.4b is a little long in the tooth.
    Whats the best to buy out of these a 2.8c of 3.0c
    Im looking for best possible chance of overclocking, but it would be restricted by my memory which is Corsiar XMS3500.

    P4 2.4b @ 2.8
    Asus P4P800
    2x512mb Corsiar XMS3500
    Radeon 9700pro

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    Does your mobo support HT Technology?
    If it does, i'd go for a 2.8c because they are pretty nice processors. Don't cost as much as 3.06's and with a nice cooler (or even water cooling) you could probably easily out do a 3.06. If your board doesnt support HT then i'd buy a 2.8b (note the b) because they are cheaper and you won't be getting features your board can't handle.
    Hope that helps

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      • Corsiar 750D
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      • Windows 10 Pro
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      • Dell 2408WFP
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      • 18Mb
    2.8 should be a good bet, Ive had one up to 3.3GHz on air, was a really old stepping so a new one should hit some nice speeds.
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