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Thread: OS install setup from scratch.

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    OS install setup from scratch.

    Hi all

    Gonna stop posting now as I've done about 3 today, I must be getting a pain in the butt with my dodgy questions ... anyways.

    I'm gonna put XP pro on a new machine but have to put 98 on first (long story ... don't ask)

    I don't have the 98 setup disks and am a little worried that when I boot the machine up on a boot disk and type D: it's gonna come up and say drive unknown as I have had this before.

    Is there any file I can put on a floppy to use as a generic cd driver ? I know mscdex is something to do with it but I have had problems using that before. When you run it, it asks for my parameters that I don't know the answers to.

    The mobo is an ASUS P4C800 which is new and some ppl have said it should pick the drive up no worries ....... but those worries won't go away.

    Any thing I can do as a backup plan ?

    Cheers !!

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    The windows XP CDROM is bootable

    Set your bios to boot from CDROM first and insert the XP CDROM.

    Once the CD starts and asks you to press a key to continue. After this, if you have the upgrade version of XP it will ask for a "previous" version of a windows operating system to scan the CD and make sure that it qualifies for the upgrade.

    This is the most stable and easiest way to install XP and you don't even need the 6 boot floopys XP creates or a previous OS boot disc

    Hope this information helps


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    took the words right out my fingers!

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