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Thread: nvidia 9800gtx+ bad color

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    nvidia 9800gtx+ bad color

    Has anyone ever heard of this problem? I just got a geforce 9800GTX+ and i uninstalled my NVIDIA drivers of my previous card (8800GTS), and then put in the new card and then powered up. The screen looks perfectly fine although its laggy when u move windows because no driver is installed yet.

    So i install the drivers and upon reboot the colors SUCK. It's like everything is in 16-bit color, even though its clearly 32-bit. I dont know how to describe it. All the icons and text is just bad... it looks like everything is slightly ghosted.

    so i uninstall drivers, reboot, everythings fine again. I did this multiple times with several driver versions (180.48, 180.70 [beta], 178.24). Did the same thing when i installed the drivers. everything looks BAD, but when I uninstall, its perfect (except obviously i cant play any games)

    So I put in my old 8800GTS and installed the same drivers (180.48) and everything is super. But my 9800 is sitting uselessly on my desk. Do you think its a bad card? Should I return it? Or has anyone heard of this issue before and know of a fix?

    thank you

    My system is:
    Mobo: ASUS A8N SLI Premium
    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core (4200+, 2.21GHz)
    OS: Win XP Pro w/ SP3 & all updates
    DirectX 9.0c (current November 2008 redist)

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    Re: nvidia 9800gtx+ bad color

    update: I was able to resolved this problem.

    (1) I was not the only person with this problem.
    (2) It has nothing to do with uninstalling drivers fully
    (3) It has to do with a registry value needed during the installation of the drivers

    - The problem is not specific to the 9800gtx+
    - It is not mean you have a bad card or a hardware defect
    - I did install my card on two completely different computers, with totally dissimilar hardware, including different monitors (one had a widescreen LCD via DVI-to-HDMI cable; the other had a 4:3 CRT via DVI-to-DSUB adapter + VGA cable), and the problem occurred on BOTH systems


    Thanks and hopefully this will help somebody

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