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Thread: Printer Server or Wireless Hub?

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    Printer Server or Wireless Hub?

    Hello Peeps,

    Interesting question which I hope somebody will be able to help me out with. I'm helping a friend of mine set up his new business and he needs to connect two Graphtec CE5000-60 CAD Cutters to a Macbook on which he is running Adobe Illustrator.

    He wants to place both cutters in his workshop and be able to print (cut?) vinyl designs to them from the Macbook (running OSX) which will be situated in the office - approximately 10m away.

    My question is this, would it be better to set him up with a wireless print server to plug to two CAD Cutters in to (such as this), or would it be better to use a network USB hub (a la this one)

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!

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    Re: Printer Server or Wireless Hub?


    I would use a cabled printserver and make sure its compatiable. Is there no RJ45 port on the printers themself?

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