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Thread: overclocking query?

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    Question overclocking query?

    OK i've just started to try and overclock my system by initially just raising the multiplier in 0.5 steps. I then used the cpu arithmatic benchmark test in sisoft sandra to compare my results each time. The puzzling thing is that i'm now up to 14x 166 and the results i have been getting are going down or staying the same but not improving. eg 166 x 12 - 6971MIPS and 2892MFLOPS, compared to 166 x 14 - 6953MIPS and 2891MFLOPS... System and cpu temps aren't increasing either. Any ideas why this is happening?
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    up the FSB not the multi to start with, raisin the multi increases too much 166/2 per time, where as the fsb only raises 11mhz a time, so much lower, keep doin it till u reach the cpus limit, then experiment with the multi and fsb, so get the most out of your chip

    prob is with multi that youll overshoot the highest clock, and burn the cpu out,
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