I was browsing for a new work netbook today, and found this refurbed Acer on dabs as which is a very tempting alternative (although I'd prefer a better battery life, but beggars can't be choosers!).

Then, I figured I'd see what else they had in the sub £300 ex vat price range, and found this remarkable machine (for the un-link-friendly, it's a refurb Acer with 17" 1440x900 screen, GeFroce 7000M chipset, 1.8GHz Turion x2... )

OK, it's only got 1GB RAM and an 80GB hard drive, but given those are the two cheapest upgrades you could do and the thing costs less than £280 inc VAT, this has to be one of the best buys currently available. Anyone got a spare £300 they can lend me?