Hi All

My system is as follows:

Asus A8N-SLI Motherboard
AMD 4200+ X2
2Gib Corsair Value Select
160Gib Hard Drive
Linksys Wireless Card
Corsair 400CX PSU

The problem is my PC randomly turns off will not turn back on. The power supply is a recent replacement for one that failed, so I checked I had plugged everything in ok, but my PC wouldn't turn back on. But after some experimentation and trial and error, I have found that after the power button is pressed, if i move the wires that go into the PSU to a certain angle the PC turns on and starts up until it randomly turns off again. Sometimes it turns off regularly a few times in succession others it can be more than a day.

My question is should I RMA the PSU knowing that the problem might not be reproducible, or is there something I could do that might fix the issue.

Many Thanks