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Thread: PSU Problem and RMA Question

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    PSU Problem and RMA Question

    ok so i ordered a whole lot of pc gear at the begining on december last year and the pc has been running fine since until today when it decided it didnt want to switch on. I think the problem lies with the PSU as the led on it doesnt come on and no mobo light comes up, so i know i have to RMA the PSU but i dont know if any of the other components also need RMA'ing as i havent got a spare PSU to test the rest of the PC, should i RMA just the PSU and wait for a new one to check the other parts then RMA them if they need be or just send it all back to be tested?

    Is it possible if i ordered the exact same PSU, check the components and then RMA whatever needs be and then maybe get a refund on the faulty PSU which is most definetly broken?

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    It really depends how old the PSU is? If it's still within 28 days when it is returned and we can confirm a fault with the unit then we can issue a refund for the item returned, if however the item is older than 28 days we would only be able to offer a replacement for the PSU once returned if confirmed to be faulty.

    Please PM me with your invoice details and i'll look into this for you.


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