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Thread: Overclocking P5Q Pro + E5200 - What am I doing wrong?

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    Question Overclocking P5Q Pro + E5200 - What am I doing wrong?


    I have new ASUS P5Q PRO MB (with updated BIOS) and Intel Dual Core E5200 (stepping 6) and can't OC it over 3,08 GHz bein stable in prime95. I've read many articles about its great overclockability and my results look different.

    my other specs are:

    2 x 2GB DDR2 Kingston 800MHz, CL 5

    500W PSU

    ATI HD4850 512MB

    Samsung F1 750GB HDD

    I've entered my experiments in the following table:

    Do you have any ideas what should I try different?

    Thanks a lot,


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    Re: Overclocking P5Q Pro + E5200 - What am I doing wrong?

    Well your table doesnt say anything about RAM speed and ive not used an asus board in a long time so I cant work it out. I would say stick the FSB to 300, multiplier to 12.5. Vcore 1.4 and leave everything else alone except the RAM divider, which you should set as low as possible and give the RAM 1.9V. It should work fine, no need to give the NB any more power as 300 is nominal for it. Once youve done that and its stable then you can play with the RAM divider to get it up to the best you can, but youll know the CPU is stable.

    I just overclocked an E5200 with those settings a few weeks ago and its fully stable. Took about 2 mins.

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    Re: Overclocking P5Q Pro + E5200 - What am I doing wrong?

    You should be able to get more than you are. All you need to do is unlink the RAM and nudge the FSB up - make sure you test in small increments. Have you disabled all the safety modes in BIOS? It might be that you are being held back by these!

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