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Thread: Installing games to file server

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    Installing games to file server

    I've got my freenas server mapped to my pc so it appears as a local drive and i've been thinking about installing a ssd in my pc to quieten the pc as it's slowly turning into a htpc.
    This so far is mainly at the 'is it possible stage' as i know i coul dbuy another hdd and install the games to that which can turn itself off after 5mins of inactivity.

    I know that your may experince lag but i don't think it's to bad as if your using a Gigabit Ethernet surely this is faster than a drive's 100MB/s access speed (or am i getting my bit and bytes messed up)

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    Re: Installing games to file server

    Naw, a gigabit NIC will indeed be faster than 100MB/s. Although using a NAS to install games to will increase game access latency.
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    Re: Installing games to file server

    Not too mention the life of your NAS drives, okay no more than a standard HDD in a PC but my point being most NAS drives use some sort of RAID array, meaning more drives are effected by the increase in disk access, add to that the criticality of data held on your average NAS, they are still primarily used for storage / long term archive purposes right? Probably not a great idea in the grand scheme of things.

    EDIT: I guess this depends how you have configured your FreeNAS box but my point still stands.
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    Re: Installing games to file server

    You could consider using 2.5 inch laptop drives.

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