I have this player (Samsung YP-E32/64) i've had it for about 3years but have never found any win2k capitable software for it (not that i had really looked hard...) Today i found some The player has 32mb onboard and 32mb in a smart media card.

I have purchased a samsung smart media card (64mb) but it doesnt work, it fits into the player but isnt registered. Also today i have noticed that i can get a samsung 64mb smart media card for £7.99 [B-grade stock.] I dont really want to be left with something that doesnt work with my .mp3 palyer.

After looking through the manual i found that it doesnt support 5v cards...only 3.3v versions.

If someone could point me in the direction of cards that work...?
Does anyone know what the maximum size card is for this player?

Thanks very much