I am looking to transfer my current mini itx set up into a slightly larger case. Currently i have a Zotac IONITX-F-E which has a pcie slot and the DTX size cases would be perfect as it offers the extra pci slot i would like to have as this would allow the addition of a gfx card with a dual slot cooler, even low power cards, especially passively cooled, seem to have these on nowadays. Plus i am toying with the idea of upgrading from an Atom based system to a 775 / am2 or am3 mitx set up to give some more gaming possibilities as i understand the Atom CPU is a massive bottleneck where this is concerned.

The only one i can seem to find is the Silverstone SG05, but it uses a slim optical drive and i don't really want to go to the expense of buying a slimline bluray drive as they are over 2x the cost of the case.

Another "must" if you like is to take a full height gfx card.

A micro atx cube case would be acceptable i suppose but i have a micro atx psu already and matx cube cases seem to take standard atx psu's, unless someone knows of an adapter that allows micro atx psu's fit into an atx mount? At a push i suppose i could make said converter.

I know, i know awkward so and so aren't i.