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Thread: Overclocking 3200?

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    Question Overclocking 3200?

    My specs are listed below but bascially is there any way I can squeeze any more performance out of my 3200 on my Asrock MB? I Dont think there is but thought it would be a good Idea to have a check with you guys.


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    U o/clocked it at all? Had one running at 11.5x220 in an Epox 8RDA+ @ work. Mobo looks like the limiting factor tbh. Just got to keep tweaking.
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    Not that you would need to overclock anymore

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    When overclocking the best thing to start with the FSB, while dropping the mulitplier at the same time. Once you find the maximum stable FSB (this can be limited by the motherboard, memory and RAM), then start putting the multiplier up until it becomes unstable, then go back a couple of steps to make its completely stable.

    A good test for how stable your PC is is Prime95.
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