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Thread: Acer TravelMate 804LCi

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    Acer TravelMate 804LCi

    The Acer TravelMate 800 series has been specifically designed for professional users from small, medium and large companies, who are looking to replace their desktop with an elegant, high-performance notebook based on an advanced concept of modularity and featuring outstanding security systems, maximum connection flexibility and unrivalled quality. Equipped with the latest mobile technology, the TravelMate 800s are the most comprehensive solution for all professional applications. They guarantee plentiful battery autonomy and integrate the most advanced wireless architecture, to ensure flexible connectivity, while meeting the latest security standards.
    As seen here.

    Was looking at the 804LCi. What do people think of Acer? One of the very few who make their own laptops IIRC.

    And what's the best place (not necessarily cheapest, a few quid on a large purchase is nothing, and can save a lot of headaches later on) to get it from. ShopAcer have it for £1230.06 inc. VAT, and they seem to be a good store.

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    Probably the Best. Had no problems with Dabs in the past.

    Can't comment on the laptop itself. Currently own a Dell D600 which has been impressive.

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    My brother has an Centino Acer looks just like the one pictured but I don't know the exact model number. Only problem he has is that the wireless networking range to his Netgear box is cr4p for some unknow reason. Don't know if it's Centrino in general or if it's Acer specific problem or just interference. I would ask around and try find a combination of kit proven to work well together.

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