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Thread: PC wont turn on.

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    PC wont turn on.

    Hi guys.

    My PC wont turn on for some reason and I'm not quite sure why.

    To cut a long story short, I've tried the current PSU in another PC and the PSU works fine.

    Some one told me to remove the button connectors from the motherboard and touch it to a penny to get it to short - Still wouldn't turn on.

    I don't really know where to go from here as I believe I've possibly tried everything it could be... The PSU and the on button on the case.

    Could it possibly be that the motherboard has gone and I now need to purchase another?


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    Re: PC wont turn on.

    Try unplugging all the PSU cables and blow the connectors out, and then firmly reseat them all. If there is still no joy, you could try it with the mobo out of the case, or try another PSU in your system perhaps?

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    Re: PC wont turn on.

    Hi mate, tried all of those and still no joy. I even tried my mobo in a totally different PC, and that PC wouldn't power up either.

    I guess it can only be the mobo now?

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