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Thread: InWin BT611 PSU?

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    InWin BT611 PSU?


    Could anyone recommend a PSU to fit a flat desktop InWin BT611, around the 300W mark?

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    Re: InWin BT611 PSU?

    It's a strange power supply that one! It's form factor isn't TFX12V but it could be Flex ATX? Have a look at this 200W unit from Maplin, is that the physical size and layout of the one you are after? I know it's not 300W but they are difficult to find in the UK but a least you'll know what to ask for.



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    Re: InWin BT611 PSU?

    InWin list it as a TXF standard psu, but it doesn't look like one

    Can you measure it and tell us the dimentions of the PSU?

    TFX is 175mm L x 85mm W x 65mm H
    FLEX is 150mm L x 81.5mm W x 40.5mm H

    For flex psu your best bet is to hunt down the Seasonic SS-250SU APFC F0 (80PLUS Bronze) 18amp on the 12v and very good.
    Or the FSP FSP270-60LE (80PLUS) which is a dual rail 16amp 12v1 and 10amp 12v2 (they list more details on the US site than they do on the UK one

    FSP also do a 350w one but that's longer than standard
    These are all very dependent on IF that case is using a FLEX psu

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