System in profile (i5 750 + gigabyte p55 ud5 latest bios).

I've set cpu voltage to normal and dynamic voltage to +0.05. All reporting software (including easytune hw monitor) shows the peak voltage to be Normal + Dynamic (1.26 + 0.05) = 1.31 under single core load.

However, I'm concerned about what easytune is reporting. In the tuner->advance->voltage tab it shows vcore as 1.51250v. This value never changes, regardless of what dynamic voltage setting I apply. When not using dynamic voltage the value matches what I have set in the bios, so it can read the voltage accurately.

I'm hoping this is simply easytune being unable to take the dynamic voltage setting into account. Has anyone come across this before? If all other software shows voltage at the correct levels, should I just ignore the easytune value? It can't seriously be running at 1.51250v can it? My temps and power consumption figures are extremely low.