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Thread: 2.5 esata enclosure advice needed

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    2.5 esata enclosure advice needed

    I am after a cheap but good 2.5 esata / USB enclosure. Looked around the net but don't know what to go for. Don't trust ebay so any recommendations please?

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    Re: 2.5 esata enclosure advice needed

    i've got one of these which is alright. it does IDE or SATA too. it's a bit bigger than a straight USB only 2.5" caddy, partly because of the dual IDE and SATA interface inside

    you have to connect via USB to power it when using eSATA. the lead is included. you can also just use it as a USB caddy for laptops etc that don't have eSATA

    i don't think i got mine from amazon though, probably scan or ebuyer. i just quickly googled this up. i don't use ebay or deal extreme myself

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