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Thread: Second system advice........

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    Lightbulb Second system advice........

    Hi guys,

    I need your advice on the following. I am building a second system, undecided on the following choices:

    XP2500 or XP2800 and which dual channel mobo for under £50. I only want to hit 200fsb with the cpu, so any advice on how high I can set the multiplier on these two?
    Oooh and mobo must have sound and LAN...........

    C2Q6600 @ 3.15GHz
    ThermalTake MiniType90
    EVGA 680SLI
    4GB OCZ Reaper 1066MHz @ 1000 4,4,4,15
    EVGA 8800GTX 768MB
    Raptor 150GB
    NEC ND4550 16x16 DVD±RW
    Coolermaster 850W x3 12V
    Antec P180

    Custom built by $aunder$

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    A 2500+ mobile will hit a multiplier of 12 with average cooling.
    Don't bother with a 2800+, there's no point as it overclocks the same as a 2500.
    As for the mobo, £50 is tricky, maybe an Asus A7N8X-X from Komplett £48
    Personally i would get an NF7-S for the extra few quids.

    Then again as my sig shows I am biased..
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