i recently purchased a Asus Radeon 9600 xt agpcard and was having major problems with the Voltage alarms until i downloaded the latest version of Asus Smart Doctor(Ver 4.31).. My present problem is that i dont know what temperatute range to set my gpu fan and i sometimes seem to receive a warning message saying "VGA Chipset fan not functioning properly. Replacement with a new fan may be necessary, however the fan starts up immediately...
My question is do i ignore Smart Doctor as the card is otherwise running perfectly ok, as i have read that alot of people find the Smart Doctor software buggy!!
Also i would like to if the latest Catalyst drivers/AsusDrivers do anything to resolve this, and which of the two should i install?
My rig is as follows:
XP 2500 Barton,
ASus Radeon 9600xt agp
A7n8x-e mobo
512 ddr kingston 3200 3.5 cls
80 gb samsung sata hdd