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Thread: A7v8x problems - need a hand please.

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    A7v8x problems - need a hand please.

    A7V8X 333FSB Version
    w/Bios 1013

    AMD XP 2600+ 333

    2 X 512 Corsair XMS 2700 DDR 333
    banks 1 and 3

    2 X 80 gig seagate 7200's

    sony 52X cdrw

    pioneer ao4 dvd-r

    AIW 9700 pro

    Built this myself Dec of 02

    Has run fine till i dis-assembled and did a complete
    interior cleaning. I was getting rather hot cpu temps and
    cleaned and re-aplied artic-silver.

    Upon 1st boot got blue screen. Re-booted and it immediatly
    went to bios screen. F10 > saved and continued. Now every-
    thing booted fine. Checked sisoft and see my cpu speed is
    now 2.15 Ghz. Beore the cleaning was 2.25 and stable for past
    year. Ran 3Dmark 2001 and got a 13500 - Scored 14850 before
    the cleaning.

    My Bios settings:
    CPU Speed [manual]
    CPU External Freq (mhz) [166/33]
    Memory Freq (mhz) [333]
    CPU Vcore setting [auto]
    CPU Vcore [1.650V]

    CHIP Configeration
    sdram config [user defined]
    cas latency [2.oT (ddr)]
    ras to cas delay [3T]
    ras precharge delay [3T]
    active precharge delay [6T]
    sdram 1T command Control [enabled]
    SDRAM bank interleave [4 bank]

    Hopefully i've supplied enough information , as i really
    need some advice as to why my puter is now running a tad
    slower now after the tinkering.

    Need any type of help you can give me in regards to correct
    bios settings.I've never had much luck incresasing memory
    timings [post failure with anything lower than 2-3-3-6

    I'm figuring my changes would be in cpu speed via mutiplyer-
    external freq-vcore settings.So this is the area i need help with.

    Thanks to anyone willing to work with me on this.
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    sorry.....just found edit tab

    added my CPU to spec

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