OK, so I exaggerate, but I've had this problem ever since I got the array setup.

I have two SATA Barracuda 7200.7 drives, both 80GB, in RAID0. They're on my Gigabyte GA-7VAXP-Ultra motherboard, on a Sil3112A SATA chipset.

When I turn my computer on, the drives detect, array OK and all that. Then windows boots - tries to access it, and hangs. I reboot and the first drive isn't on the list! I have to wait a while then reset, and wham, it's back, then all boots fine.

What could we be looking at here? It's not a power problem as there's a 450watt Antec and a 350watt Enermax in the rig, doesn't matter what drives are plugged into what PSU, though if I plug them into the enermax (doesn't do the motherboard) and wait a few minutes before powering up the rest of the system, I usually don't get a problem. This suggests to me a drive fault rather than a SATA chipset fault.

Also, it could be cable, but the serial nature of the cabling suggests to me that it wouldn't detect properly in the first instance if that was the case.

I'm going to get onto Seagate about it too, as they're always a great help for me.

Now, I don't know how sophisticated the 3112's RAID capabilities are, so could I swap the drive channels and still have a working array, or would it not detect the set properly? That way I can test if the primary SATA channel is good or not.