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Thread: computer hardware store in London, !!URGENT!!

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    Exclamation computer hardware store in London, !!URGENT!!

    Ok my friend is coming back from london and there is problems with the credit card and he is also short of time due to which he cant shop online. So I want to know good computer hardware shops in London which will be open on saturday so that he can shop before leaving to airport.

    The shopping list items are:
    AMD 2400/2500+ Mobile version processor
    Abit Nf7-S ver 2 m/b
    Kingstone Ram modules
    ThermalTake Extreme Volcano 12 THF(are they good? or should I buy something else?)
    Artic Silver 5

    Thats it. Those are the Items in the buying list and its really urgent as I need to convey him atleast before friday so kindly help me guys.


    PS:Right now he is in Liverpool till thursday so any good shops in there where I can find these items?
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    If he's gonna try shopping in Liverpool, there is a comp shop called Computer Plus ( I think ) down by the Albert Dock. Pretty good. Havnt used if for a while though

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