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Thread: DIY fan controller

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    DIY fan controller

    I have this fan speed controller mounted in the front of my pc and i want it to control the speed of all of my case fans. Thats all fine, however they are on separate power cables, because i cant get the molex connectors to reach to each one. My question is can i cut say the red wire on each fan and solder all the red wires onto the controller, and then solder the other ends on too, or will this not work? My original idea is to do it to the power cable that powers them all but i cant.

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    Yes you can split a channel to power multiple fans in parrelell but dont exceed the wattage rating or it will burn out the controler.

    it would then be like this:

    fan -- ||
    fan -- ||-- Controler
    fan -- ||
    fan -- ||

    Or something like that...

    Length of wire/how its physically connected doesnt matter, as long as its a good conenction..

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