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Thread: Dell computer questions...

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    Re: Dell computer questions...

    Quote Originally Posted by staffsMike View Post
    Errr dude.. that post was over 4 years ago.

    If it helps I have used standard ATX PSU's to power SFF dells before without issue. The boards are genereally either proprietory or BTX and so will not fit a standard ATX case. The easist way to figure it out though is to just have a look.. if you apreciate the difference between ATX and BTX it's probably going to be obvious.

    No duh it was 4 years ago - I'm just throwing in my 2 cents (you try looking for the answer to a very simple question amongst all the internet garbage and misinformation - it's frustrating!). Not all of us are computer savvy and know the difference between ATX, BTX, AT, etc - that's why we're on here!!! We're hoping someone who knows a thing or two can help us!! Computer experts take it for granted that us "lesser folks" don't know all the lingo or details. But to your credit, you are the only one who finally answered my question directly out of all the other forums I've been on (you said "board is either proprietary or ATX and will not fit a standard ATX case) - Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nelsaidi View Post
    a 4 year bump :O

    Seriously get a new pc, imo upgrading a 4+year old dell isnt a good idea .
    I'm not "upgrading" per se, I'm just trying to get a stupid case that isn't ugly - did you even read my post?
    The innards are still good and will support the minimum requirements of many new hardware, so why would i want to get a new PC? Why would I want to create more toxic trash in our landfills?

    You're both right - it's a 4 year post, so stop answering it and just let me vent and let the crickets respond. Sheesh.

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    Re: Dell computer questions...

    And a warm welcome to the forums to you..

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