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Thread: Sandy Bridge lacking PCI slots

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    Re: Sandy Bridge lacking PCI slots

    If you find a pic of a new (p67 / H67) board that does have PCI slots, you'll see a silver square chip near to them. This is the PCI express bridging chip.

    I can only assume this causes no latency problems. For most uses (games etc) I certainly can't imagine any problem. I just wonder if latency critical audio work might be affected slightly though.

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    Re: Sandy Bridge lacking PCI slots

    Quote Originally Posted by j.o.s.h.1408 View Post
    bridging chip? no idea what that is.
    One that comes with PCI slots.

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    Re: Sandy Bridge lacking PCI slots

    I'm using a VGA monitor ATM but I very much doubt my next one would be. I mean it's a great monitor but I had pretty bad problems with ghosting/blurring which turned out to be the cable. Also I use a KVM between 2 PCs and the picture ends up to one side and the clock is usually slightly out when I switch computers so if I want to use 1 PC for any length of time I need to re-adjust the monitor. It's usually just a case of going here, going full-screen and pressing auto on the monitor, which usually corrects the clock and centres the image but it's a pain having to do it all the time. I'm pretty sure I'd have none of those problems with a digital interface.

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