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Thread: SN41G2 - Instability / crashing is it graphics, mem, hdd or mobo???

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    SN41G2 - Instability / crashing is it graphics, mem, hdd or mobo???

    I'm having problems with the stability / booting of my SN41G2. I've previously played ut2003 fine, then ut2004 occasionally crashed then about a week ago getting dodgy error messages & crashes (usually after
    running some new 3d screensavers or trying to load Far Cry & Call of

    I have XP Pro SP1 on an SN41G2 (with Silent X 250W fan) running an
    Athalon 1400
    256MB RAM (Crucial)
    speedtouch adsl PCI
    Geforce2 mx400 AGP
    2 HD's (120GB & 80GB)
    cd/dvd combi
    USB mouse / PS2 Keyboard

    Then this weekend, it crashed again for no reason and after it
    wouldn't boot up - getting as far as the safe mode, last good
    configuration , normal boot option screen... only no matter what i
    select it just auto restarted (under safe mode it got to an
    a***bus.sys file before rebooting. So i loaded a backup fiddled about
    had to restart for settings to take effect etc and it wouldn't boot

    So anyway i played with the BIOS for a while and got it on and Windows
    told me: your graphics card is likely causing your system
    instabilities... So i shut down, take out the AGP, plug into the
    onboard and reboot fine. Then i install the most recent nvidia drivers
    which means a restart. But it won't boot again... so i tried the Drive
    Image boot cd and it gave me an ACPI (the thing that lets hardware
    info available to windows, so running out of ideas i fiddle with the
    ram, take it out blow on it... and it works... The over the weekend i
    had to keep on fiddling with the ram everytime i wanted to reboot...

    Then i noticed that the TV of the onboard was too dark, so i tried the
    agp card again assuming i'd tracked it down to the ram... got it
    booted ok, but then got a black screen and the monitor told me it had
    no signal and the lights on the keyboard/mouse stopped responding...
    so i rebooting, then it got 1/2 way through booting and went blank

    Then i went back to the onboard, had to fiddle with the ram, but it's
    on and i'm not turning it off until i figure out the problem incase it
    won't come back on?!?!

    I'm guessing its possibly my graphics card & the ram, so i'm tempted
    to replace them, going for ram on the approved sn41g2 list and an ati
    R9600 agp card. But i don't know that it isn't the motherboard, or
    even some random problem with the primary partition on my HD???

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    Have you contacted the Shuttle Support Team?
    I think they might be able to help (they might also be able to exchange your Shuttle if its faulty)

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    Get more ram.
    R-points pyramid scheme is NOT allowed on HEXUS. Please do not add it back again - thank you.

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