Title pretty much says it all, would a 6950 fit within a Lanbox Lite? I won't be overclocking and the cooling would be stock. While I could extract the case from the filing cabinet it's housed in, it's a rather tedious process that I hadn't thought out while initially designing the modifications to the filing cabinet.

Current Components: GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H V2, Phenom 2 x4 945, 4GB DDR2, 4850, 2: DVD R/W, mirrored 500GB HDDs and a 650W Antec EarthWatts PSU

Worst case scenario, I'll just goto a 6870 but I'd like to max out the GPU and call it quits on this rig. It's about 3-4 years old and started with an Athlon x2 5600 with an 8800, I'm looking to hit the wall with the new video card and ride out this build for another year or two.

Any input is appreciated, thanks in advance