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Thread: Compaq Presario power problems

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    Compaq Presario power problems

    I've got my girlfriend's laptop here, a Compaq Presario CQ60-307SA.

    We were having trouble with the charger, having to wiggle it in the socket to get it to charge. I thought, buy a new jack off ebay and replace it, sorted.

    It's a cable type, not a solder so thats a plus. But I've swapped them over and I'm getting the same problem. I did notice that the plastic that held the socket in place was broken so I've glued that, probably nothing wrong with the other jack come to think of it.

    I press the power button, the charge LED on the front flashes, but no boot. With the battery removed and just the charger I get nothing.

    I'm thinking it could be the charger now, going to try and borrow a universal one (if not, can anyone help?). If not then it's something else that's gone, but it was working fine before the charger socket needed wiggling.

    Anyone had anything simliar or got any ideas?

    Thanks guys!

    It's 4.98*

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    Re: Compaq Presario power problems

    yep, the cable near the end of the cord may be broken, gheto mods to cut away the pin until you expose the cable and chase it back to the break, resolder and tape it up.

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