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Thread: Hyper 212 help

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    Hyper 212 help

    Hi I have just upgraded too a Hyper 212 in order too bring my cpu temps down a bit but I am not sure if the cooler is working as well as it should, while its certainly brough the temps down from my stock cooler I have an idel temp of 38-39 and while running Prime 95 (maximum temp and max power) I got a result of 64c after 17 miniutes (might have been shorter than that I left the room) I stopped the test at this point though. I dont know the ambeint temp of this room but its pretty warm at the moment and computer is near the radiator (wow I am such a tech these days).
    So I have the Hyper in a push pull set up but one of the fans is not speed controlled so should be running at 2000rpm I think thats the pull one.
    This is on a 965 at stock speeds so I am wondering if I have done something wrong here.

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      • Asus GTX560ti CuII
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      • Be Quiet E9 680w
      • Case:
      • HAF 912+
      • Operating System:
      • W7 Pro
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      • Dell 21" ips something

    Re: Hyper 212 help

    Let me run a quick test on my system

    EDIT: have you got the original or plus version?
    What other cooling/case have you got?
    what software are you using to monitor the temp?
    what's your pwm setting?
    what fans are you using?

    On my i5 750 with a Hyper 212 plus, single PWM fan (blademaster that comes with it)
    idle temp = 34c fan speed = 860rpm
    Prime95, after 4tests, temp = 50c fan speed = 2020rpm

    speed and temp numbers from msi control centre, cpu-tweaker give temps as idle = 34c prime95 = 66c with a difference across the cores of 3-4c (ie at idle it's reporting two cores at 38c one at 36c and one at 34c)

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    Re: Hyper 212 help

    Ok I have a Haff 922 with a front intake fan 200MM a 120mm intake in the bottum. Side and top fans 200mm exaust and a 120mm on the back exaust. All fans except one are by Coolermaster dont know the name off hand but run upto 2000rpm. It is the plus version
    Have no idea what my PWM setting is. I am using Core Temp too keep readings
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