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Thread: Need a computer for around £300?

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    Re: Need a computer for around £300?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cornie View Post
    To be honest im not good with all this stuff. I'm going to write down CTF's specs now and then on Saturday when i go the computer fair see if i can pick anything up for cheaper or if i can find something better or close to it for cheaper than that price if not i will buy it online i think unless i can find anything better tonight.
    Whilst I am sure you can undercut Cat's selection at a computer fair, I am also sure it will be at the cost of quality.

    If you want to bring the price down, how about: £42.94 Dual core X2 3.0GHz £58.89 HD 5670 512MB GDDR5

    Today's prices that brings the system down by about £40. It is a slower machine, but faster than the one my wife is still happy with

    I'm sure you could get a cheaper motherboard as well, but that would be at the expense of limiting CPU choice to 95W, only USB2 etc and if you want to upgrade in the future it is a pain. Most people never upgrade a machine once built though, so perhaps this is an option.

    I wouldn't want a cheaper hard drive, you would lose too much performance.

    How much cost do you need to lose from Cat's suggestion to get to a happy place?

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    Re: Need a computer for around £300?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cornie View Post
    Do you have links?
    Yes all on Scan website.

    On second thoughts if you do decide to get that, pick a different mouse as these wireless are a bit unreliable so I have a wired mouse also connected.

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    Re: Need a computer for around £300?

    So i went to the computer fair on Saturday.
    I went with CAT's list and had a custom built computer with the same specs for £370 your price.
    He put a quad core 3.0 ghz instead of triple core 3.2 ghzz .
    Also swapped the graphics card to a ati XFX 5670 1gb GDDR5.
    With an as rock motherboard.
    Only problem i had with it is that when i opened it up after trying to install windows 7 like 8 times, is that he gave me one crucial 2gb ddr3 and one SUM 2gb ddr3 ram. The Sum one doesn't work and blue screens my computer if its in. So this weekend i need to go back and see if he will trade it otherwise im in a loss. But other than that it all worked out fine.
    Thanks for all the support and help . It was much appreciated.

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