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Thread: Which mobo for a q6600 Go Slacr and 4gb DDr2?

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    Post Which mobo for a q6600 Go Slacr and 4gb DDr2?

    Dear nice Hexus people,

    I had an Asus P5n-e sli which has recently died and as such I need a new mobo. I have a Intel Quad Q6600 GO Cpu and have 2x2gb DDR2 Reaperx PC6400 5-4-4-15 (OCZ2RPX8002G) 2.1v with an evga 8800GTS 640mb. I'm planning on upgrading soon and am gathering parts for a new pc (possibly the bulldozer) but was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about a new mobo for my old rig. Ideally it would be good to overclock the CPU a little on the new board (perhaps upto 3.0ghz). I know the older p35 / p45 intel chipsets were great at doing this but it appears these have been replaced by the G31 / G41 series and I'm struggling to find much info or reviews about these boards. Any advice or links would be greatly appreciated to get this old kit working smoothly again and have a working desktop for the time being!

    Thanks for your time in reading

    Zatoichi (thought smiley looked like a worried ninja!)

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    Re: Which mobo for a q6600 Go Slacr and 4gb DDr2?

    Well if you're looking to upgrade shortly then you'd probably be best off going for a 2nd p35 or p45 motherboard.
    The G31 and G41 boards BIOS often lack overclocking and what's more more new boards are ddr3 not ddr2

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